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Online Ground Course

The Ultralight Pilot Permit requires just 20 hours of ground instruction. Completing this program at your own pace makes learning fun and accessible. Completion of the Toronto Aerosport ground school course will provide the competency to challenge the Transport Canada exam.


Since everyone has their own specific areas of interest, we are adding elective courses all the time. Explore the options, they’re informative, interesting and inexpensive.

Ready for your new Ultralight adventure?
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Ultralight Pilot Permit

This will prepare you for both of the required exams; the written pre-solo exam (PSTAR), and the final exam from Transport Canada.

C$ 250

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Advanced Aircraft Repair

Get even more familiar with the parts of an aircraft and how it all works in this class that is tailored to your own schedule, at your own pace.

C$ 150

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Advanced Meteorology

Understand the mechanisms behind weather systems and add confidence to your flight planning and decision making with this in-depth class.

C$ 150

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