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Toronto Aerosport Inc.

With a combined experience in aviation of more than 80 years and 30k flying hours, Toronto Aerosport is the right choice for everything Ultralight in Canada. Strategically found in the town of Stoufville, just a 30-minute drive from downtown Toronto, we offer a relaxed environment where you can learn to fly in a "grass roots" setting. Free from the congestion and complexities of larger, city airports.

You can earn the Canadian Ultralight Pilot Permit in a matter of weeks with our conveniently designed courses and efficient training programs built by our team of highly skilled instructors.


Our long history of excellence in aircraft manufacturing is how we have become the trusted partners of Sonex aircraft. Check them out!

With Toronto Aerosport, you will be able to find the right aircraft for your personal needs and budget. You’re in the right place.


Learning to fly does not have to be difficult, or expensive. And it's almost never too late (or early for that matter) to become skilled in the safe operation of an aircraft.

You can be licensed to fly in a matter of months -if not weeks, of applied study and air exercise.

Ultralight Pilot Permit

A mixture of online and in-aircraft training. Use one of our ultralights, or we can train you in your own

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Our Online Programs

We believe that a knowledgeable pilot is a good pilot.

Here you will find courses designed to meet the requirements for an Ultralight Permit PLUS elective courses to expand and enhance your knowledge.

Online Ground Course Preview

Ready to take the course? Click here

Intro Flight

Your introductory flight will commence with a ground briefing in which you will receive some instruction on how the aircraft flies. Once in the air, you will have the chance take control under the close supervision of your instructor. 


During the 30 minute flight, you will be able to fly the aircraft and get a real feel for flying.  


Once back on the ground a post flight briefing will review what you have learned and of course take a moment for a picture of you and your airplane!


Whether you want to go it alone, team up with some friends to create a partnership of owners in an aircraft or be part of our flying club, Toronto Aerosport can help you get there.

What We Fly

The planes that drive our passion and most perfectly suit our needs are the Sonex and Challenger

Own An Aircraft

Aircraft ownership is a good investment if you intend to fly frequently

Build An Aircraft

You can have your Ultralight professionally built, built with our assistance, or you build one yourself


We'd love to hear from you

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