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An Ultralight aircraft is one in which the gross take off weight is less than 1254 pounds/ 570 kg. This weight includes the weight of the aircraft, the fuel, oil and the (maximum) two people on board. Additionally, the stall speed of the aircraft in the landing configuration must be 45 mph or less at maximum weight.

Today’s Ultralights are built with modern aircraft engines, innovative designs and materials that take advantage of all that man has learned about aviation since the historic flight of the Wright Brothers in Kittyhawk back in 1904.

Our Ultralights

What We Fly

The planes that drive our passion and most perfectly suit our needs are the Sonex and Challenger

Own An Aircraft

Aircraft ownership is a good investment if you intend to fly frequently

Build An Aircraft

You can have your Ultralight professionally built, built with our assistance, or you build one yourself

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